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Updates 21/03/2015 Empty Updates 21/03/2015

Post by Pepsi on Sat Mar 21, 2015 7:36 pm

Hi all,
Updates done today:
MoonRiverAbyss map added - parts drop which are needed to make the kit, MoonStone/MoonGem/MoonCrystal.
LostShip map also added - this map drops uniquepasses which are required for unique necklace (cosmos,chaos,life), Tiger kit also drops on this map.
HighLevelSpells NPC - 2 spells added for each class, the npc is in bichon, warriors have been given shield to help balance it out. Taos given shield lvl 9 and GTE lvl 10. Wizzies been given shield lvl 7 and MC Buff ability.
CraftingShip, this is a new map which has the UniqueNecklace and MoonRiver crafting npc's on. It is located at a Dock in MoonRiverAbyss, the exact location is down to you to locate.
Agility Set- the agility has been lowered to +35 to help balance server.
Tao Pet - The new 10k tao pet (PoseidonDevil) is now in game, the scrolls however need fixing and will be released at a later date.
UniqueNecklaces - Chaos, Cosmos, Life are here, the npc is located inside MoonRiverAbyss, you will find a Sailor who will teleport you to the CraftingShip.
New bosses been added to boss battle event.
TeamWar still needs adjusting but hopefully will be added soon.
Eastermaps been added, one low and one high. More info on this event later next week.


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