Updates so far 5th March

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Updates so far 5th March Empty Updates so far 5th March

Post by Pepsi on Thu Mar 05, 2015 10:20 pm

Updates so far this week.
>New Cave (Heaven Lands) drops new kit, 5k+ to enter.

>Pet scrolls fixed (both 1.5k and 5k) - now working and bought off black market on the integral NPC

> De-Levels from 5-9 been added, new rewards and new de lvl kit added.

>CHB quest added and working (Heaven Lands needed for the quest)

>Spawns/Drops been adjusted to reduce lag

More updates to come this weekend including 2 new maps (TheSwamp) and (TheGreatWall)
As well as UniqueNecklace NPC and a new Gold Cave. Few fixes and updates to Integral NPC.
New Host connection will be activated on the 10th of this month also to make game run smoother.

More to come soon Thanks


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